A busy February for the Rosie Community!

Check out all that's happening at the Visitor Center this month!


As we launch into February, we are excited to share all of the amazing projects falling into place!

First, the lovely Visitor Center will be bustling with activities this month. Plan your trip based on the included schedule to attend a film screening you haven't yet seen or a lively presentation. 

In celebration of Black History Month, we have teamed up with the National Park Visitor Center and Contra Costa TV to share No Time to Waste: The Urgent Mission of Betty Reid Soskin. You can catch a free screening twice a week in the Visitor Center theater. To augment the reach of these screenings, Contra Costa TV will also be showing the film 13 times this month (schedule below)! If you have questions for Betty, please tune in to her weekly virtual chat by clicking here. If for some reason you cannot make any of the free offerings, the film is always available to rent on Vimeo by clicking here.

This month is also host to the Day of Remembrance of Executive Order 9066. There will be two offerings on February 19th at 11am and 1pm to enjoy community speakers, films and more! Seating is limited and registration is required - click here to sign up!

Last but certainly not least, our Rosie's Service Corps students will be involved with Love Your Block at Parchester Village. On February 18th there will be a mural restoration from 10am - 2pm and then on February 21st and 22nd there will be a garden and basketball court beautification for the whole community to continue to enjoy!

We hope you follow along with us and would love to see you at any of these opportunities! 


Contra Costa TV Screenings of No Time to Waste!

  • Friday           02/03/2023     2:30:00 PM
  • Monday           02/06/2023     3:00:00 PM
  • Tuesday           02/07/2023     4:00:10 PM
  • Wednesday    02/08/2023     4:00:00 PM
  • Friday             02/10/2023     4:00:00 PM
  • Monday           02/13/2023     4:00:00 PM
  • Wednesday    02/15/2023     4:00:10 PM
  • Friday             02/17/2023     4:00:10 PM
  • Tuesday           02/21/2023     3:00:10 PM
  • Thursday         02/23/2023     3:00:10 PM
  • Friday             02/24/2023     4:00:10 PM
  • Monday           02/27/2023     3:00:10 PM
  • Tuesday           02/28/2023     4:00:10 PM

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