Rosie the Riveter certification awards

for the California construction trades

Rosie the Riveter Trust in partnership with Tradeswomen, Inc. and a consortium of industry advocates, invite you to participate in the induction of the Rosie the Riveter Annual Certification Awards for the state of California. We are excited to acknowledge the long-term positive and noteworthy impact on the growing percentage of women finding jobs in the trades.

The Rosie the Riveter Certification awards are designed to recognize construction contractors who support gender equity in the workforce and who are leaders in encouraging women* to join the trades. Nominees who can demonstrate a clear organizational commitment to influencing an inclusive and supportive work environment are encouraged to move forward in this application process. We will schedule an introductory call to make sure your company meets the award requirements and is a good fit for recognition.

* When referring to women, the metrics are inclusive of all gender expansive people.

Rollout timeline 2022

About this Program:
● Inspired by the LEED Building Certification
● Led by a consortium of government and nonprofit organizations
● A badge of honor for the construction companies who are invested in gender equity
● A beacon for women to consider the trades as a career

Candidates must be willing to:
● Commit to the timeline
● Designate a point person for coordination and data upload
● Pay a $5K administrative fee
● Participate in a debrief

We are accepting 10 applicants for this inaugural year!

To be considered as one of the ten inaugural applicants, email and in the subject line put CANDIDATE, your company name and 2022. You can also use this email to reach us for more information. 

Rosie the Riveter Trust is honored to be part of a consortium who helped develop the Rosie the Riveter Certification Awards including Meg Vasey of Tradeswomen, Inc., Juanita Douglas of Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, Joyce Guy of West Oakland Jobs Resource Center and others.

We also thank the following individuals for providing advice as the consortium developed the awards including Kelly Jenkins-Pultz of the Women's Bureau Department of Labor, Linda Li of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Patricia Garcia and Julie Wong of the Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship, Maggie Burgett, Annette Walton and Mia Love of Stanford Land Buildings and Real Estate Black Advisory Committee and others.

And thank you GordonMeeker for consulting support to help develop our metrics and data portal and Alicia Crawford for publicity and outreach.

– it takes determination and grit and we are making it happen!