In Honor of Black History Month


In honor of Black History Month, we'd like to reflect on the memory of our amazing Rosie Ambassadors Margaret Archie and Mary "Peace" Head.

Margaret Archie was an overhead welder from '44-'45. After being encouraged by her husband to get a good job in the shipyard, Margaret went to welding school and then worked on the assembly line welding sheets of steel for a year before she became pregnant with her third child. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law also worked at the shipyards as laborers.

Mary "Peace" Head was a welder from '43-'45. Mary left Louisiana to follow her sweetheart, stationed in the Bay Area with the U.S. Navy. After marrying, she got training and a job as a welder at the Kaiser Shipyards. She fulfilled several more roles during her time there, filling in when others weren’t there for their shifts and administrative roles.

We miss these ladies dearly, and are thankful that the Rosie legacy is persistent! Help us to continue preserving history, sharing stories, and inspiring youth by joining the legacy today! 


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