Local Rosies Honored at the National Park Visitor Center in Richmond

Riveter Days 2023

Hundreds of people came to honor real-life Rosie the Riveters for the culmination of Riveter Days this Saturday March 18th, 2023. Our local Rosies are real women now in their 90’s and 100’s who worked on the World War II Home Front.

The day was rich in content including a Victory Gardens presentation with planting activity by Docent Diane King, a signature Rosie Roll Call and public meet and greet, a screening of Blossoms and Thorns with presentation by Jim Oshima, and the premiere of our new 20 minute documentary featuring our Rosie Ambassadors - Living History.

Thank you to Tammy Brumley for Wrangling all of the Rosies and Assemble Marketplace for providing free coffee to our patrons, as well as free lunch for the Rosies!

For those who missed the momentous occasion, we repeat the basic outline of the Rosie Roll Call here:

  • Ernestine Wean, 95, Agricultural Worker in Woodland
  • Jeanne Gibson, 97, Welder at Todd Pacific Shipyard in Seattle
  • Marian Sousa, 97, Draftsman in the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond
  • Violet Flowers Shore, 97, Riveter at Treasure Island in San Francisco
  • Connie Rangel Gomez, 98, Welder at Kaiser Shipyard #1 in Richmond
  • Elizabeth Tate, 100, Boltmaker at Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco
  • Rosella Jackson, 101, Welder at Kaiser Shipyard #3 in Richmond

Missing from the day but in our thoughts were two of our Rosie Ambassadors at home:

  • Marian Wynn, 97, Pipe Welder at Kaiser Shipyard #3 in Richmond
  • Mary Torres, 99, Journeyman Welder at Moore's Shipyard in Oakland

As we stand in the presence of living women’s history, we can't help but ask ourselves, “Where am I now because of the Rosies?” We encourage you to share your own personal answer to this via any platform, but would especially appreciate any video submissions via social media or email!



  • My mother, Mary C. Priebe, worked in the shipyards at Richmond and also the Kaiser shipyards in Washington. She died in 2009 at the age of 98. I have a bracelet made for her by the people of the engraving department for the ships inscribed with all the first names of the people she worked with. I think it belongs in this museum. How can I donate it?

    Lydia Priebe Kleit
  • I have been a volunteer at Rosie since it opened. I have loved every day I have spent with these wonderful inspirational women. It has made my retirement so fulfilling. I sure enjoyed yesterday, so good to see old friends and catch up. Thank you Rosie Trust for all you do. It was great to see Marsha yesterday.

    Marie Davies

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