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  • “I’m 99, And the Oldest Park Ranger in America”

    Article about national park ranger, Betty Reid Soskin, published in Newsweek magazine. To read the full article, click here National...
  • Marin City honors legacy of Gustava Wilson, a ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and community ‘granny’

    In 1942 at age 17 she snuck out of her home to escape the hardships of the Jim Crow South.

    “She told my grandma, her mother, that she was going to an aunt’s house and came to California instead,” Lena Wilson said. “She called her mom and told her she was in California once she got here. To think she did that at 17 is really something.”

  • The Riveter - Fall 2020

    Fall 2020 - Annual Event Wrap Up; Upgrades to the Visitor's Center; Betty Reid Soskin on Black Lives Matter
  • ‘Rosie the Riveter’ re-emerges as symbol of strength during COVID-19 crisis

    A World War II symbol of American unity, “Rosie the Riveter,” and her rallying cry, “We Can Do It!” have re-emerged in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 'Rosie the Riveter' back on the job making masks to prevent spread of COVID-19

    At 94 years old, Mae Krier is hard at work helping her country, just as she did 75 years ago.
  • The Riveter - June 2020

    Summer 2020 - A look at how our Rosie's are doing during the pandemic.
  • Rosalind P. Walter, 95, First ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and a PBS Funder, Dies

    A daughter of privilege who worked on an assembly line during World War II, she became a principal benefactor of public television, her name intoned on a host of programs.
  • The Riveter - Spring 2020

    Spring 2020 - "The great big social idea to come out of the war"; Let's get kids outdoors!
  • The Riveter - Winter 2019

    Winter 2019 - Rosie Docent Spotlight
  • The Riveter - Fall 2019

    Fall 2019 - New Online WWII Exhibits; Rosie's Girls Learn New Skills
  • The Riveter - Summer 2019

    Summer 2019 - World War II opens the door to women Boilermakers, Annual Dinner Wrap Up